Al Rosenberg is a costume, makeup, and wig designer based in New York City, slated to receive a BA in Theatre from Fordham University in 2021. 


They enjoy working on collaborative and creative processes that push the boundaries of the conventional theatrical world. They work to bring vibrancy, innovation, and joy to the world of the play through their designs. 


While their official concentration is in costume design, Al is also passionate about and proficient in wig ventilation, hairstyling, and makeup application. They are excited about the prospect of utilizing these skills on wardrobe crews once they graduate!


When not designing, Al works at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan where they are always finding new ways to be creative. Also, they know how to juggle (if that helps).

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 The Most Massive Woman Wins

by Madeleine George

Directed by Finley McArdle

Costume and Makeup Design by Al Rosenberg

Set Design by Lillian Rider and Shannah Harris

Sound Design by Mellie Way

Lighting Design by Vittoria Orlando

 Men on Boats

Written by Jaclyn Backhaus

Director - Sarah Wansley

Costume Design - Al Rosenberg

Scenic Design - Sasha Schwartz

OBS Specialist - John Kolbinski

Lighting Design - Matt Gregg

Sound Design - Melanie Chen Cole

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A Sleepless Play

Created by Chloe Rice and Natasha Roland

Costume Design by Al Rosenberg

Lighting Design by Max Stroeher

Videography by Folded Crane Films

*premiers April 22nd, 2021