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WEBSITE: caseycpowers.squarespace.com

EMAIL: Powers.Casey.C@gmail.com

PRONOUNS: she/her/hers

Casey C. Powers is a stage manager born, raised, and currently based in Hudson County, New Jersey, just outside Manhattan. She is committed to leadership that focuses on taking care of people and making a safe space for everyone in the process while facilitating the execution of creative ideas. She's worked on a wide variety of shows during her time at Fordham and is excited to keep working on making theatre that is accessible and equitable. When not in rehearsal, Casey enjoys playing the piano (she's been going through a Chopin phase lately) and is a peanut butter enthusiast. 

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Casey_Christmas Carol - Casey Powers.HEI

The Christmas Carol: A Queer Fantasia 

Written and Directed by James Cougar Canfield

Lighting Design: Kailey B. Hays-Lenihan

Sound Design: James Cougar Canfield

Costume Design: Margaret Gorrell

Props Design: Lisa Ashby

Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy & Louisa 

Written by Tier5’s Revise/Devise Ensemble (Amy Frey, James Cougar Canfield, Ariel Francouer, Margaret Gorrell, and Laryssa Shoeck)

Directed by Ariel Francouer

Lighting Design: Annie Garrett-Larsen

Sound Design: James Cougar Canfield

Costume Design: Amy Frey

Choreography: Chandler Converse

Casey_Meg Jo Beth Amy Louisa - Casey Pow
Casey_Shakespeare (Abridged) - Casey Pow

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

Written by Adam Long, Jess Winfield, and Daniel Singer

Directed by Nicole Borbone

Lighting Design: Matthew Gregg

Costume Design: Amanda Lionetti

Technical Director: Yashanikquia Delaney

Props Design: Addison Thompson

Sound Design: Brendan Borbone

Assistant Stage Managers: Abigail Lo and Leah Getz